So I waited for a call on Christmas Eve from my son and the call never came.  So I was awake for most of the night……praying for him.  Wondering ……Today, actually tonight still no call so I don’t expect one.  it makes me so sad.  I try to cover it up but it is hard.  I don’t understand why my mother doesn’t say anything about Ben to me.  hy doesn’t she ask me to take her to see Don?  Then I got a Skype call from Katie and that  axe me feel so goods I can’t even tell you.  I don’t understand a lot of things.  Randy doesn’t know what tondo when I am sad so I to no not show it because it makes him feel bad.  Greg and Gary are stepping up and going to see Don and that is great.  Tomorrow I am going to get back to my eating plan…I am afraid to get on the scale.  Gym and then pick up Sydney for our Christmas here.