We’ll the day has come…it has been so busy getting ready I don’t think I have had much time to think about all the memories that have occurred in this house…both good and bad.  I prayed that woulda sell the house never dreaming it would end up selling in less than two days!  It makes me realize everything is in Gods timing…….let this be a lesson to me.  the boxes are packed were ready to go………just hear the music.  We are so ready to leave this neighborhood and all the excess volvox, and garbage accumulating at the millers.  it won’t be tough to drive away…..let’s just say that!  I’m praying the move goes smoothly.  Ben and his friend are lifting the heavy stuff…..somehow Lisa got onto Facebook on our accounts and tried to stir up trouble???which is. Her specialty.  but God is on control of this situation too….it is so hard to like her let alone love her.  I wonder constantly why God allows her hatred and evilness to continue…….he knows better than I do.  Please god keep. Y eyes on You and not the crappy circumstances.