I feel like our family is falling apart.  Between Ben and Patrick there doesn’t seem to be any hope.  the hate and selfishness is just unbearable.  we can’t reason with either one of them.  it is mentally exhausting even just thinking about it.  Ben scares Sydney and acts crazy with no regard to how it will affect her.  I told him not to ask for help from me again and have heard no more from him.  he is rude and hateful and comes across like we owe him.  Our vision of having everybody over for dinner and having fun together is an illusion.  Our only hope of resolution is their turning to Jesus and I have yet to see this happen.  I don’t know how we are supposed to show Christ’s love in this situation.  Please God show us what to say, not say and give us direction.  Sarah is here visiting and he is hateful to her too.  it is just hard to deal with on a continuing basis.  it seems never ending.  half the time you can’t get a word on edgewise even of you tried….or they are putting words in your mouth.  Sydney told me her dad does that to her all the time and she feels like she doesn’t have a voice.  She is too afraid of him to say anything.  I have no idea how their rent is being paid either.  Trying to maintain a good relationship with Lisa so we can spend time with Sydney.