We are so relieved that we got good news about Randy, Thankyou God. Now another worry revisited. Sydney. things have changed drastically. She won’t come over to our house or go anywhere with me. I am thinking Ben and Lisa have been telling her something to make her not want to spend time with me. She gets real quiet and won’t look at me…just acts odd. She will let me hug her and leans onto me when I put my arm around her but I sense hesitation. Like she wants to say something and she doesn’t feel free to say it. I was over there yesterday and Ben was saying to Lisa out in the kitchen how I was making Sydney feel uncomfortable by asking her to go someplace with me…..blah blah blah. I was praying while doing stuff around he house and heard God say…I know better than you….trust me with Sydney. Please God help her to feel your love and our love and help her not to forget the Bible stories that we have read over and over together.