As I write this I have to tell you visiting my son in jail is something I never thought would be a possibility for me.  getting the first phone call from Ben from jail was so hard .  I remember praying and begging God to somehow get ahold of Ben.  he has been on the wrong path for a long time. Then I got the call and on May 25 he had been arrested.  I have been Africa of this and other things happening….the last time I saw Ben that day at the convenience store I was so upset and scared of what I was seeing and how bad off he was.m So the call from Ben from jail I felt really was an answer to prayer.  But that didn’t make it any easier.  The first time I went to visit I had to go alone.  I was very anxious and scared. I didn’t know what to expect.  Randy had to work so I went by myself.  I checked in NAND had to wait for an hour and was close to tears just waiting.  When I saw him it was behind glass….I cried I couldn’t help it.  We both did.  He was grateful to see me…..he was off drugs and it made a big difference.  He has said he has been praying and that he met a black man who helped him see the need to pray for Gods help for his anxiety and all of that.  God is on control of this….I get scared when I think of how he will be when he gets out….but God is in control and I will chose to trust Him. And be thankful for His dealing with Ben.